About Me

I am an invertebrate biologist, now teaching for the Biology Department, at the University of Guam as full professor (since 2012). Prior to this, I taught for 9 years in  Japan for the University of Maryland University College, Asia Division. My research interests are invertebrate zoology, reproductive life histories, and symbioses, mostly involving crustaceans. More recently I’m working with conservation of terrestrial invertebrates. 

I do my field work all over the world, but mostly in Japan and Guam. Since I’ve come to Guam, I’ve had the opportunity to take part in some exciting research with endangered butterflies and tree snails. Please see my CV for more info on my academic career.

I also am an avid photographer, particularly of nature themes. You can see many of my photos to the left in the Flickr feed. 

Courtesy of: SnapKnot
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