Selected Publications

Hawkfish Perching on Cup Coral 

(Miyako-jima, Japan)

Below are pdf versions of selected papers. You will need Adobe Acrobat (Mac & PC) or Preview (Mac) or some other PDF viewing program to open these files. Right click to download, left click to open from your browser.

Fiedler - GuamSnailBooklet.pdf

Kerr & Fiedler 2019.pdf

Kerr & Fiedler 2018.pdf

Kerr & Fiedler 2016.pdf

Onaga, Fiedler & Baeza 2012

Okuno & Fiedler 2010

Fiedler et al 2010

Hermansen, Arvedlund & Fiedler 2005

Fiedler 2002

Fiedler 1998

Karplus, Fiedler & Ramcharan 1998

Fiedler 1994

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